Society Friends


The John Clarke Society, a diminutive educational non-profit with a mission the size of the Aegean Stables, succeeds thanks to the commitment of a small group of Society Friends. Friends

provide indispensible resources of time, expertise, and influence. The

John Clarke Society thanks and honors Society Friends.

While the dedication of Society Friends may continue

through years, they are listed alphabetically

but one time with the date of their initial

gift following their name.


Mrs. Jane Berriman - 2011

Mr. Ralph Carpenter - 2007

Mr. Bernard Fishman Ph.D. - 2010

Rhode Island Senator June Gibbs - 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Gorham - 2009

Mr. Frank Hale - 2009

Mr. Burton Hoffman - 2009

Mrs. Dona Hoyt - 2011

Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. - 2009

Councilwoman Katherine Leonard - 2011

Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy - 2008

Mr. Wilbur Nelson - 1986

Mr. Michael Northup 2009

Mr. George Brian Sullivan Ph.D. - 2011

Professor Henry Rosemont Ph.D. - 2011

Rhode Island Senator Theresa Paiva Weed - 2008