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The John Clarke Society is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization. All donations may therefore be deducted from taxes less the value of any goods received from the Society. Donations can be made in any amount by mailing a check along with your name, address, and email address if applicable to:

The John Clarke Society

32 Green Street

Newport, RI 02840


    Seniors (60+) and Students

$  35.00 or more

     Associate Membership

$  50.00 or more


$  51.00 to $250.00


$ 251.00 to $500.00


   $501.00 to $999.00

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The John Clarke Society is a voluntary organization; officers, advisors, and assistants are not paid. Membership income and donations to the Society are used for research, office supplies, speaker honorariums, and event expenses. Society funds are managed by Mr. Terrance Gavin, CPA, CFP, Society Treasurer and Trustee.

Donations to honor deceased family and friends are welcome and will be noted in our publications by request.