S O C I E T Y   M I S S I O N






1.    The John Clarke Society is a national organization that advances the study and dissemination of information related to Newport, Rhode Island founder John Clarke including contextual history.

2.    Specific purposes of the Society are to:

a.       Advance knowledge of John Clarke through scholarly research.

b.       Promote international awareness of Clarke as a libertarian statesman.

c.        Foster effective communication and collaboration with early Americanists and early Americanist organizations.

d.       Publish, sell, and distribute information that increases awareness of Clarke’s role in securing early religious and civil freedoms through the King Charles II Charter of 1663.

e.       Establish a digital repository for document surrogates related to the understanding of John Clarke.

f.         Maintain a website to house and make accessible acquired materials and to foster scholarly debate.

g.       Solicit and receive donations and legacies.

h.       Distribute funds to promote lectures, publication, and programs that increase public awareness of Newport’s libertarian origins.