S O C I E T Y   P R O J E C T S





John Clarke Park / John Clarke Square (replacing Coffee’s Garage, Spring St., Newport, RI):

While several groups are vying to purchase this plot for conversion into a park, the Society has been working to make this a John Clarke Park. As this is the site of the original spring that serviced colonial Newport, it would include a fountain celebrating the beginnings of religious freedoms in Newport.



Cemetery Stone:

John Clarke’s headstone, installed in the 1840’s, has disintegrated. We hope to move that stone indoors for exhibit and have a new slate stone cut and installed. Estimates received indicate that the cost for this work will be a little over $6,000.-- for a calligraphy quality hand cut slate marker with gold leafed letters.



John Clarke Holidays:

In 2008, the John Clarke Society fostered a joint House and Senate statue establishing a statewide John Clarke Holiday into perpetuity. It is presently working to establish a Rhode Island Charter Day on the 15th of every July.



The Society is writing a series of monographs elucidating John Clarke, his writing, the Royal Charter of 1663, and what it meant to be a 17th c. physician.



The Society has produced a power-point presentation John Clarke In Context. That power-point presentation is currently being updated and edited.


Clarke Homestead:

John Clarke’s home was located at the intersection of Callender St. and Dr. Marcus Wheatland Blvd., behind the central Newport Police Station. The Society is working to make this plot English soil, similar to the Capt. James Cook Memorial in Hawaii. This action parallels the conversion of an acre at Runnymede, UK, to American Soil in honor of President John F. Kennedy. Our hope is to make this site a destination for school children.